Short Day Lighting

Model #:
Size: long x wide x deep
Quantity of LEDs:
Lumens per Watt:
Suggested Application:
Light Colour:
Dimming Functionality:

More Details:

Short day lighting is the opposite cycle where the light operates on a “Short Day Photoperiod”.  In this operation cycle, the lights are on for 8 hours daily operating at 15 to 20 foot-candles.  But then the lights are off for 16 hour period (12 hour minimum) providing complete darkness, ideally at less than 1 foot-candle.

Research Results from Short Day Photoperiod:

  • Dry cows welcome and seek dark portions
  • Dry cows build better resistance to new infection
  • Cows that have a short day photoperiod, better respond to Long Day Photoperiod in their next lactation