LED Lighting: The Natural Fit to Long Day Lighting

Model #:
Size: long x wide x deep
Quantity of LEDs:
Lumens per Watt:
Suggested Application:
Light Colour:
Dimming Functionality:

More Details:

When you consider changing to Long Day Lighting management in your dairy the change or decision to utilize LED lights becomes very logical for several key reasons:

  1. A Long Day Lighting program requires keeping the switch on longer.  Thus when LED Lighting operates at 60 to 80% less hydro, the decision becomes to utilize LED quickly offers an ROI.
  2. Longer operation of lights means that the bulb replacement in traditional lights – incandescent, metal halide or fluorescent – now occurs sooner.  This increases the cost of operation and requires additional labour to complete.
  3. Creating a barn with a Long Day Photoperiod and a Short Day Photoperiod is easier to complete with LED lights.  LED lights are a more directional beam in nature allowing for natural zone devisions simply based on fixture locations and their zoning.  No walls or screens required for light zones.  This could not be completed with traditional lighting .

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