Farm Lighting

Farm Lighting

Helio LED lights will increase your barn’s energy efficiency and increase your livestock’s production.

Avoid Dangerous, Corroded Light Fixtures in your Barn

Rusted or corroded lights in your barn are a fire hazard. Minimize your risk with NEMA 4x rated fixtures – suitable for your barn’s humid and corrosive environment.

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Dairy Lighting

For many years now studies from prominent universities and organizations have existed, touting the benefits of Long Day Lighting.  Yet to find a herd managed in this format is rare to find.  Are you flicking the switch off to save pennies in power, but losing dollars in production?

Long Day Lighting

Long Day Lighting is when you manage your barn’s lighting to operate on a “Long Day Photoperiod” so that lights are on for 16 to 18 hours daily and operating with 15 to 20 foot-candles.  Alternatively for 6 to 8 hours the barn is provided with complete darkness, less than 1 foot-candle.  While many barns provide night lighting – research shows that cows can find their away around in the dark.

Research Results from Long Day Photoperiod:

  • Lactating herd will respond in about 2 to 4 weeks and average milk production increase averaged 8 to 10%
  • Livestock will respond with an increase of dry matter intake.
  • Young livestock will mature faster, increased growth and reproduction.
  • First lactation cows are more productive and cycle back into calf with ease.

Short Day Lighting

Short day lighting is the opposite cycle where the light operates on a “Short Day Photoperiod”.  In this operation cycle, the lights are on for 8 hours daily operating at 15 to 20 foot-candles.  But then the lights are off for 16 hour period (12 hour minimum) providing complete darkness, ideally at less than 1 foot-candle.

Research Results from Short Day Photoperiod:

  • Dry cows welcome and seek dark portions
  • Dry cows build better resistance to new infection
  • Cows that have a short day photoperiod, better respond to Long Day Photoperiod in their next lactation

LED Lighting: The Natural Fit to Long Day Lighting

When you consider changing to Long Day Lighting management in your dairy the change or decision to utilize LED lights becomes very logical for several key reasons:

  1. A Long Day Lighting program requires keeping the switch on longer.  Thus when LED Lighting operates at 60 to 80% less hydro, the decision becomes to utilize LED quickly offers an ROI.
  2. Longer operation of lights means that the bulb replacement in traditional lights – incandescent, metal halide or fluorescent – now occurs sooner.  This increases the cost of operation and requires additional labour to complete.
  3. Creating a barn with a Long Day Photoperiod and a Short Day Photoperiod is easier to complete with LED lights.  LED lights are a more directional beam in nature allowing for natural zone devisions simply based on fixture locations and their zoning.  No walls or screens required for light zones.  This could not be completed with traditional lighting .

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Poultry Lighting

Chickens and turkeys absorb light through their eyes in ways humans don’t. In addition to retinal light perception, poultry can sense light through the pineal gland commonly called the “third eye” situated on the dorsal surface of the brain.

The Right Light

Lighting in agricultural is critical for production and health of livestock.  For poultry, lighting has been a topic of research for years.  And yet the needs for poultry lighting can differ greatly depending on the flock.  Light requirements for broilers, layers, breeders in both chickens and turkey can greatly vary especially depending on their growth cycle and their production cycle.  Lighting can alter the behaviour of the birds and even a small change can make a real difference.

You input the wrong light and you may notice changes in growth and development or even in eggs.  In poultry (unlike most livestock facilities) we primarily source LED fixtures that provide 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin in light temperature.  Every project we can provide complete photometric mapping to ensure light consistency and minimize hot spots and shadows.

Full Control

Because of the different light requirements for poultry throughout their grow cycle or production cycle we have been offering LED for poultry that are full controlled and operated wirelessly.  Unlike other types of lights (such as fluorescent), by dimming the fixture we actually extend the life of the fixture.  Of course with dimming we capitalize on energy savings also.  Now poultry producers can simply program the barn to operate at time cycles and brightness cycles that optimize their production.  With full control from even remote locations and full historical logging, thorough analysis and review of lighting can occur.

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  • These lights are incredible! The difference was noticed immediately, an estimated 4 times the light was given with the new fixtures. Brian was very helpful and accommodating, we installed 1 light as a demo and immediately saw this was the best lighting.
    – Jeff Butcher, Granclare Jerseys


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